IRL Projects


The IRL has taken on a number of projects and has teamed with MSSS Inc, NASA Ames, KIPR and other organizations for some of these projects.  Most of our projects have been documented in papers, photos or both.

Project Photo Albums contain chronologically arranged project photos.  These photos can be used for your purposes as long as they are accompanied by the citation “© IRL, University of Oklahoma”

Links to publications for various projects are given below:

  1. Robotic Assistants for Infants at Risk for CP

  2. Robotics for STEM Education

  3. Attitude-Aware Smart Phones for Tele-robot Control

  4. SR2 v2+: Multi-kilometer traverses with an autonomous solar powered rover

  5. MARTE: Automated sample handling for robotics Mars drill

  6. Copernicus: High Speed, High Mobility Teleoperated Lunar Rover

  7. SR2 v1: Initial Experiments with an autonomous long range solar powered rover

  8. SR1: Solar endurance experiments with a Pathfinder scale rover