Robot Assistants for Promoting Crawling in Children at Risk for Cerebral Palsy: We have created a robotic assistant and a kinematic reconstruction system to study and assist the crawling process in typically developing infants as well as those at risk for CP. Some of the recent publications done in this area are:


[1] Ghazi, M. A., Nash, M. D., Fagg, A. H., Ding, L., Kolobe, T. H. A., and Miller, D. P. Novel assistive device for teaching crawling skills to infants. In Proceedings of the Field and Service Robotics Conference (Toronto, Canada, June 2015).


[2] Kolobe, H. T., Fagg, A. H., Pidcoe, P., and Miller, D. The effect of robotic reinforced movement learning technology on the development of prone mobility in infants at low and high risk for cerebral palsy. In Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Child Neurology Society Meeting (October 2014).


[3] Miller, D. P., Fagg, A. H., Ding, L., Kolobe, T. H., and Ghazi, M. A. Robotic crawling assis- tance for infants with cerebral palsy. In Proceedings of the AAAI’15 Workshop on assistive technologies emerging from artificial intelligence applied to smart environments (January 2015), AAAI Press.